Man In Motion emerges from a long trip in 2009. Multicultural experiences influenced the first tracks, being consolidated in 2013 when the first homonym album comes out defining the sound and the path for the project. In 2015 Sarmen and Omar launched Os, their second album, collaborating with a larger group of artists and going deeper in the imaginary of sound. Nowadays MIM works on its third LP being part of ENARTES in October 2018.



Mexican musician and vocal performer. After finishing composition and singing in Mexico City, she travelled to Paris in 2007 to work under the teaching of Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo, especially in Choreographic Theater and Extended Voice Techniques, Roy Hart tradition. She finishes her Masters in Sound Art at Queen's University, UK in 2009.

Sarmen has performed and taught in Mexico, Aberdeen, London, Belfast, France, Seville, Edinburgh, Prague, Manchester (Marina Abramovic's Luminosity & Joan Jonas' Mirror Check), Falmouth, Sheffield, The Hague, among others.

Sarmen currently conducts a research on Extended Vocal Techniques and New Technologies at the National Centre for the Arts (MX). Sarmen continues in close collaboration with Jonathan Hart in New York, who has supported his teaching and vocal practice based on the Roy Hart tradition.

Vocal Alchemy: vocal performance, improvisation and vocal training.


Musician and programmer. He began his studies in piano at an early age with Professor José Torres, later becoming interested in the study of composition and harmony. He starts teaching piano and producing music specializing in programming and working with synthesizers.

He currently teaches electronic music software at CAP Digital Training Center (MX), as well as teaching master classes at professional music production institutions. Omar has played in Japan and Mexico as an independent musician and with the Man In Motion project in Mexico and Europe.


Man In Motion is an official act of Drake Underground 2019. May 9, 2019 10:00 pm

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